Hidden Stories Belgrave – Dreemar Solutions Pty Ltd

A new kind of magic will sweep through the hills this Christmas.
In Belgrave, at the ‘end of the line’, a crazy new tale is brewing.
A Christmas story, with Aussie critters, buzzing and bouncing to a new jingle of celebration, kinship and joy.

In what is an Australian first, Belgrave steps out as the first Augmented Reality township in Australia. Revelers of all ages are invited to open their eyes, follow their noses and awaken their senses. Think Pokemon Go, meets Possum Magic, meets Santa himself!

At the edge of the forest, Hidden Secrets is a fifth-dimensional journey that conjures to it, an enchanting cast of distinctly Australian wildlife, transforming the Main Street, arcades and laneways into a riot of celebration and tomfoolery.

In a deliberate step toward a more sustainable future, the local traders of Belgrave and the livers and lovers of the mountain are casting aside all notions of a traditional Christmas. Going green, this year, means going digital.

To unlock and activate your altered state, simply scan one of the numerous and luminous, marked red baubles along the trail – all will be revealed.

Let Hidden Stories in Belgrave, not just upend your reality but hopefully charm you into a new way of seeing and being.