Help Me To Decide – CHARLES LEYNSE Vinson

Many of us are stuck sometime at what to do
As we have so many options but can not decide what to do.Also when we are with group of people we stuck at whom to go with.
With this app you can decide all these decision you are stuck at

Apart from Decision taking you can also play game with yours or app’s option and choose the dare which app will give you.

You can add yours or let the game decide the options.
The app will not share your data like things name, details etc anywhere outside the app.

We are declaring that this app is not storing or sharing any of the user’s information outside the app.
We do not have any hidden or undocumented feature in the app. Also we are not using any financial method or transaction related thing in the app.

The main purpose of this app is to help user to take decision when they can not get the idea on what to do.