HCS – He Caishun


Hcs is a new application for more features such as social, download, and game acceleration.

This version is a very simple online version, from our official version of the line there is still a long time, the version only provides game acceleration.

If you love online games, and have been troubled by the instability caused by the network connection caused by poor gaming experience, or because of the need for foreign IP to play a game of distress, then this minimal version is very suitable for you.

If you do not see the game line you need, you can also contact our customer feedback, we will be based on the proportion of feedback to consider whether to increase the line.

How to speed up your game:

You only need to connect the game where the country can be, such as you in China, you want to play Mobile Legends, you only need to connect to the America, and then open the game on it, such as you in the America, you want to play the king glory, you only Need to connect to China, and then open the game on it, it is so simple.