Haus Note – Sung Hee Bae

What if you want to be an expert in your field?
What if you want to improve your skills?

Haus Note is a note app that helps you to gather all of the url materials on the web that are worth repeating and worthy of mine, in one place, and repeat it according to the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve cycle.

Do not miss a good video, a tech column, an article, or a blog. Save it in the Haus Note app, and repeat it on the review date with iPhone, iPad or Google Sheets. Haus Note will let you know the review date.

example 7-steps
– Step1 (day1) 9/1
– Step2 (day2) 9/2
– Step3 (day3) 9/3
– Step4 (after 3days) 9/6
– Step5 (after 7days) 9/13
– Step6 (after 15days) 9/28
– Step7 (after 30days) 10/28

If you have repeated it for one object for 57 days, it can be mine.

■ Features ■
– Iteration cycle is divided into 7 steps to calculate automatically so that we do not miss the review cycle.
– It is filtered out only to be reviewed today. Just concentrate on memorizing today.
– You can review it in the way of exam, and it helps you to memorize long-term memory.
– Do not miss your best review time by registering multiple notifications.
– Sync between iPhone/iPad and Google Sheets.
– Provides the ability to test with widgets. We can review every minute.
– You can see your memorization schedule step by step.
– You can adjust the font size.
– You can reset the repetition cycle at any time, so you can study again with a new mind from today.
– You can keep your data in archive.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at