Halloween Stickers, Funny! – Francesco Napoletano

HALLOWEEN is coming! It’s time for ghosts, it’s time for pumpkins!

Let’s make your chat more fun & special and celebrate HALLOWEEN with Halloween Stickers, funny, for iMessage!

This sticker app includes 42 funny stickers with Halloween Stickers, funny Emoji! Go celebrate Halloween by sending these funny & beautiful Halloween stickers to your friends & family.

42 Halloween Stickers for iMessage to choose from!

Get these fun & cute Halloween Stickers, funny, for iMessage, Facebook and Messenger sharing! Now you can also choose Halloween Stickers, funny and send them with one tap in iMessage without switching between emoji keyboards! Personalize your messages with Halloween Stickers!

Trick or treat!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

How to Use
1.In an iMessage, tap the App Store icon beside the chat window.
2.Tap the icon on the bottom-left corner;
3.Tap the “+” button to access the iMessage App Store;
4.Tap Manage tab to turn on the Halloween Stickers, funny;
In chat, tap to send stickers to your friends/family. You can also tap and hold to put stickers on top of a bubble.