G’z EYE is an app that makes it possible for an iPhone or iPad to control a G’z EYE (GZE-1) digital camera with wireless LAN and Bluetooth functions, and to enjoy viewing recorded images on an iPhone or iPad.

[ Key Features ]
■Bluetooth connection between the camera and and iPhone/iPad. (Camera Registration)
■Remote control shooting with a camera from an iPhone/iPad. (Shooting with the App)
・Images can be composed on the iPhone/iPad screen.
・A large on-screen shutter button makes it possible to shoot without looking at the iPhone/iPad screen.
・Location information can be attached to images received by an iPhone/iPad.
・Camera shooting settings can be configured from the app.
■Camera monitor screen contents can be viewed on an iPhone/iPad screen. (Viewing Images with the App)
・Images stored in camera memory can be viewed on and copied to an iPhone/iPad.
・Images stored in camera memory can be selected for display according to desired conditions.
・Movies stored in camera memory can be played back quickly and easily.
■Settings can be configured to have images shot with the camera automatically sent to an iPhone/iPad.
■Camera settings can be configured from the app.
■The Scene photo app can be easily called up from G’z EYE.
■An operation guide can be accessed from the app.

[Compatible digital cameras]

[Compatible OS]
iOS 9.3 – 11.0

・Functions that use Bluetooth (Auto Send) can be used with an iPhone/iPad that supports Bluetooth 4.0.
・This app will work only with the specified supported digital camera.
・For details about how to use this app, refer to the G’z EYE User’s Guide
・For details about camera operations, see the user documentation that comes with it.
・No guarantees are made concerning the ability of this app to operate on any particular terminal.