Gyroscopic City Bus Driving – Amjad Islam


Gyroscopic Future Public Transport Modern City Bus presents you the amazing straddling elevated bus that is powered by flywheels wound-up in the morning, and would continue to be powered throughout the day from energy supplied by giant elevated solar panels mounted on the roofs of the cars. Future pods are stilted on expandable long legs that can both contract and enlarge depending on the context, meaning they can pass under city bridges and vehicular overpasses with ease. This modern future gyroscopic transport elevated public bus drives several feet above ground level so that city traffic flows beneath it without collisions. This future innovation is entirely designed for fast paced world to counter the problem of heavy city traffic jams and public transport all soon to be avoided by this future public transport. This gigantic modern bus has a large number of passenger compartments to transport 100 passengers on every subway station around the giant metro city. Enjoy the very first of its kind gyroscopic future bus simulator game with challenging levels and unique gameplay in this Gyroscopic Future Public Transport Modern City Bus game. Forget all the traffic jams and city traffic rush problems on busy roads when you can drive a future public transport based elevated bus sky high from ground to transport passengers. As a Gyroscopic elevated future bus driver your duty is to transport all passengers between the terminals around the modern future city. Drive public future bus above traffic rush without haste and worry of collision to reach destination on time. So, to get all the transport and driving fun get on board in gyroscopic bus control room to drive this amazing futuristic elevated vehicle on all routes transporting civilians throughout suburban town and NY.
This giant modern transit elevated bus is the new it thing and the future of public transport in major cities around the world like New York, Paris, London, Beijing, Tokyo. With amazing physics and interior of the gyroscopic transport the tunnel like structure can pass over the smart cars. Get a new and real driving challenge with your cool fast and furious driving skills with hands on experience in driving gyroscopic bus and compete the entire traffic rivals with your engine and crazy driving. Gyroscopic Future Public Transport Modern City Bus is the best future innovation in fast paced world which makes you an expert bus driver around huge traffic. This futuristic gyroscopic elevated bus service has a fixed route and track, and its passenger’s compartment width is huge as the width of two traffic lanes. You can ride on this bus like a double decker bus above the traffic or you can experience driving this cool future vehicle. Every elevating bus driver game needs expert skills passed by special future bus driving simulator academy. Your task is to Pick & drop passengers on board to transit between bus stops. This new gyroscopic elevated grand city transport bus simulator is the unique game regarding its amazing physics and design and the way city traffic is controlled. Handling a giant vehicle and driving in heavy traffic is not a kid’s job to handle, so to tackle this thing gyroscopic future bus transport was introduced. Enjoy different model of this amazing future bus and get it on the road. Everything else is now like a normal bus except this comes with a tunnel like shape and the fact that it is so much cool and fun. Super fast driving future game help the more figure of passengers to travel conveniently around in the city.
Key Features :
1. Real driver job of transporting passengers & tourists at multiple stations
2. Provide pick and drop service to citizens & tourists around modern city
3. Highly detailed auto-bus interior with controls
4. Amazing animations to pick and drop citizens
5. Real gyroscopic bus physics implemented for precise driving