Gyrohead – Humberto Garcia


Step into the most immersive, addicting and challenging arcade game in a while, GYROHEAD.

Features two intense game modes:

* Overload – Feel the desperation of being ambushed by an ever growing zombie horde (you will have to turn around – literally – to defend your back). This game mode will reward you for maintaining your composure and picking your shots wisely (easier said than done).

* Firewall – Experience the claustrophobic firewall maze. Turn around to turn your zombie avatar as it builds speed through corridors that get narrower as you progress. Needless to say, you have to evade the walls (it’s called firewall for a reason). This game mode is all about reflexes and space awareness.

Features two levels of difficulty:

* Normal (120 degrees) – This is the standard game mode you can play without having to stand up. You could say it is the chilled and relaxed mode, but in reality it is pretty intense, just not as intense as hard mode.

* Hard (360 degrees) – The defining, signature gameplay of GYROHEAD. You will have to play this one standing up, because the next zombie or obstacle may come from any direction.

Features leaderboards (of course, no bragging rights no fun) and some crazy hard achievements, as well as hidden ones.