From today safety and control for your car are guaranteed in every moment of your life: on a trip, at work and in your free time.

GT ALARM is everything you need for your car, all from your smartphone:

OPTIMIZE the expenses of your car by monitoring routes and evaluating their performances

TRACK your vehicle in real time and view its position at any time

PROTECT your car from thefts thanks to security integrated-systems and alert in real time (remote block engine by app, antijammer, cables cutting and battery disconnection alert, parking protection, SOS button).
Have you parked your car in an unknown area and you want to be sure that your anti-theft is working properly? With the app GT ALARM you could verify if the functionality of parking protection is enabled. This feature will detect any change of the last parking position and the notification on your smartphone will therefore activated, in addition to the assistance channels and 24H/7 operations center.

ENTER MAINTENANCES AND DEADLINES DATA and remembering the next car inspection, the insurance expiration or tire-changing will no longer be a problem. No more forgetfulness!

DO YOU NEED HELP? By app you can contact the 24H/7 Operations Center or ask technical assistance to our Customer Service.

INSURANCE DISCOUNT with the GT ALARM BLACK BOX 4.0 installation, thanks to agreements with the most important insurance companies.