Groo Wellbeing – BeexOS Ltd

Meet Beex, your one-stop wellbeing experience shop.
Beex is where experiences happen. We help you create personal and fun experiences for your entire company with the touch of a button.
Our easy to use platform allows you to market, invite, communicate, share, and measure your company’s welfare program in one convenient platform.
Our unique dashboard will bring you insights into your wellness demand and event impact.
Personal profile management empowers employees to self-book experiences and impact the wellbeing content by uploading their own hobbies and sharing with their coworkers.

What is Beex?

HOLISTIC- we combine all 7 categories of wellbeing into ONE spot making it easier than ever to ensure and maximize your employees’ happiness and satisfaction.
PERSONAL- using unique machine learning and analytics tools we learn each employee’s preferences so that we can accurately personalize content.
GLOBAL- physical, virtual, or hybrid we got you covered!! You are able to run events with your ENTIRE company including wfh, on-site, and around the world.