GreatJ FMS – GreatJ Solutions


GreatJ FMS is a compact, advanced GPS security, and tracking system that can be monitored at your fingertips. The application offers basic functionality in a user-friendly mobile interface.

The solution is equipped with and internationally tested “Watchdog” that provides real-time anti-theft monitoring 24/7. It is your vehicle’s electronic guardian angel.

GreatJ FMS Mobile Application current version supports the following features:

Unit management
Obtain all the necessary information on movement and ignition state, data actuality and unit location in real time.

Map mode
Access units, geofences, tracks and event markers on the map with the option to detect your own location.

Tracking Mode
Monitor precise location and parameters received from a particular unit.

Event Control
Use extended information on trips, parkings, sensor values and many more to learn the chronology, duration and the exact timeline of events.

Notification Management
Receive and view notifications in the app.

Create links and share unit locations.