Grand Formula Racing Pro – Monster Games Productions

As a Formula One driver, you dream about winning your first race all your life. Are you desperate to know what it feels like winning your first formula race, find it out for yourself. A lot of people think Formula One isn’t a sport, why don’t you sit in the driving seat of one of this car, try to rush past your opponent to the finishing line and tell us how it felt, try the xpert mode to explore all your potential as sports car driver in grand F1 racing championship 2018. Though this is not a manual F1 racing car game, in which you have to have one hand on the gear and the other on the steering wheel, but we have given it the maximum possible touch, so you feel like a pro sports car racing driver in these crazy circuits.

This game offers the premium digital f1 race experience, with extensive Live Timing data from all Grand Prix sessions and the opponent cars competing against you, this game keeps a very interactive driver map, showing the live position of all the cars just like in vertigo racing or top speed speed car racing game of any formula racing championship.
Enjoy driving in all the formula racing tracks of the world and be the ultimate champion on all the tracks of the world. MotoGp race is premium class bike race, but this formula vertigo racing is as good as moto gp furious racer, the challenges are quite similar.

– Duels with other formula drivers from around the world
– 3 trophies to be earned on each track, i.e bronze, silver, gold
– 20 tracks divided into 3 different difficulties and track’s length
– Races during daytime, sunset and night-time, desert & rainy tracks
– Ghosts of your personal, national and world record
– 20 countries to represent in formula racing
– 3 achievements for unlocking and 3 leader boards