GOXD Memto – GreenTomato


GOXD application provides a full-service of picture management and marketplace, as well as an interface to control your Memto™ Live Picture Frame.


• 4K Photo Upscaling
Transform normal pictures to a 4K UHD (3400 X 2160) resolution.

• 2D to 3D Conversion
Convert ordinary 2D pictures/motion pictures into 3D and display on your Memto™ 4K3D Picture Frame.

• Make Fun with Memto Live™
Playback your *Live Photos™ and motion pictures, or crop a 3-second video to convert it into Memto Live™ format to shows brief action on your Memto™ Live Picture Frame.
*Live Photos is a trademark of Apple Inc.

• Memto World™ Photos Marketplace
A universal platform for all photographers, artists, illustrators, etc. to present their stunning imagery works to the world while users can easily access any masterpieces from worldwide, add them to shopping cart and purchase them by using Memto Signatures.

• Easy Control to your Memto™ Frame
This app serves as an interface to control Memto™ Live Picture Frame change settings. It can connect up to 5 frames by scanning the QR code or inputting the frame’s ID, then you can start controlling your Memto™ Frame(s) or create daily playlist easily on your smartphone.

• Share Pictures from a Distance
If your family or friends have a Memto™ Live Picture Frame, you can use this app to send photos to display on their frame even from far, all through the Memto™ cloud server.

Learn more about GOXD Memto™ and service at www.GOXDPICTURE.com and www.GOXDMEMTO.com