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Goal-Oriented Mindset provides a convenient way for you to keep a list of your Goals (an Action Plan for each Goal), Daily To-Do List, Quotes, Affirmations, Morning & Evening Journal, and Monthly Review. There is also a Lifestyle Assessment that you can take to to show you what is going well and to help you decide what goals to set

Here is an overview of the different sections in the app:

Use the Goals section to keep track of your goals. You can add information about your goal, including a description of the goal, your motivation for accomplishing it, any resistance or blocks keeping you from achieving the goal, and how you will feel after you achieve the goal. Also, you can add a due date, a detailed Action Plan, and set the goal as a priority.

If you like to keep track of Quotes and/or Affirmations, this section is perfect for that. When adding a Quote or Affirmation, you have the option to add a photo from your photo library or adding text.

The section is great for keeping track of your non-negotiables, things that you need to do each day (meditate, exercise, etc.).

In this section, you can access the Morning Journal and the Evening Journal. For the Morning Journal, you can set your Mindset and Priorities for the day, and list 3 things you are Grateful for. There is also a Note section at the bottom that you can use however you want. For the Evening Journal, you can keep track of What you did well, What you learned, What you could have done differently, and the 3 things you are Grateful for. There is also a section for Notes that you an use however you want.

Use this section to review your performance. You can use this monthly or whatever interval you choose. In this section, you can rate your month, note your Biggest Accomplishment, What you did well, What you learned, Strengths, Weaknesses, and what you could have done differently. There is also a section for Notes.

With the Lifestyle Assessment you can rate the different areas of your life (Health, Fitness, Career, Finances, etc.) to show you what is going well and to help you decide what goals to set. There are a total of 14 different areas that you can rate/review. You can complete as many sections as you want. Also, you can choose to rate each section, only write notes/comments, or both. It’s entirely up to you how you use this section.

◆ TRY IT FREE: with the free version, you can access most of the features and add a limited number of items to see if the app is right for you before you buy it.

Although Goal-Oriented Mindset is available for the iPhone and iPad, it does not sync data between devices.