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The Home of the Glute Guru Gang online coaching community

Designed and developed to help Badarse Babes all over the globe to take control of their goals, track their performance & be a part of a community of Chix That Lift and Get The Fkn Reps!

Inside, you’ll unlock the secrets of the Glute Guru’s Adaptive Training Models and Peachy Performance Programs that will leave you feeling Strong, Confident, Sexy & In Control

– Access training plans and track workouts
– Schedule workouts and stay committed by beating your personal bests
– Track progress towards your goals
– Manage your nutrition intake as prescribed by your coach
– Set health and fitness goals
– Message your coach in real-time
– Track body measurements and take progress photos
– Get push notification reminders for scheduled workouts and activities
– Connect to wearable devices like Apple Watch (synced to Health app), Fitbit and Withings to sync body stats instantly

It won’t be long until you’re Jacked & Juicy

Until you’re AbsoGlutely BootyFul

It’s time for you to Smash, Fang, Bang…

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