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Download the Glorious Food App today to get your confidence back around food without upsetting your tummy! In this App you can plan and schedule your daily and weekly nutritious meals, simply and easily. At Glorious Food we provide healthy, simple, easy to follow recipes that avoid the main food groups* that can exacerbate Digestive Disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Optimise Your Time And Maximise On Our Expertise In Reducing IBS Symptoms Whilst Eating A Tasty, Rich And Varied Diet! Glorious Food was founded by IBS Specialist, Helen Mileham in 2015. Helen is passionate about helping people suffering with poor Digestive Health. Coming from a family suffering with Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticular Disease and having battled with IBS herself for most of her life, Helen is focused and driven to Treating, Reducing and Preventing the painful and often embarrassing symptoms associated with Digestive Disorders. These symptoms can include: • Bloating • Flatulence • Stomach Cramps • Abdominal Pains • Constipation • Diarrhoea From this mobile App you can prepare your Shopping List, cook and eat meals whilst avoiding the main problem foods such as Gluten, Dairy, Lactose, Sugars, Tomatoes and Onions. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to eat bland and boring food. The addition of fresh herbs and spices will tickle your taste buds and you’ll be amazed at how easy this really is! The simple recipes in this App are designed with you in mind to replace convenience foods that you often grab due to time constraints. We aim to provide you with proper meal planning that encompasses all your vital nutrients so that you are not going without. With this in mind for each recipe we will provide you with all the relevant nutrient information to ensure that you are covering all your bases when it comes to getting you through your busy and hectic lifestyle. We will also show you how to ‘batch cook’ your meals, so you will always have something ready to grab on the go. Once you have taken some of these known allergens out of your diet you should notice a reduction in your IBS symptoms, have a better understanding of diet and nutrition and more confidence around food. “Feed Yourself, Better” with Glorious Food! You can also click through to our social pages! Download this App today! *We cannot guarantee that you are not intolerant to some of the ingredients in our recipes and would highly recommend getting food intolerance tested if you are concerned about food intolerances. For further information go to the Glorious Food website at