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Gloomhaven Party Tracker

Create a party from a set of diverse character classes, and explore the region of Gloomhaven using this app to take care of some of the scenario drudgery.

Each player controls a character starting with one of the basic 6 character classes that are unlocked at the start of the game. Fulfill your character’s quest and you can unlock one of eleven extra classes. Your current character is then retired, and you can create a new character beginning at the game’s current prosperity level.

When entering a scenario, up to 4 of the current party’s players are selected to go to the scenario. During the scenario, the characters’ hit points, experience points, and gold tokens can be tracked.

The starting two dungeons have the monster ability cards unlocked, except for the boss. When a scenario needs any monsters, select these monsters from the menu in the top right, and the monster ability cards are drawn for you each turn. The card is shown, and the effects are added to the monster values for move, damage, and range and the sum is shown in the app. When all monsters of the same type have been defeated, you can remove the monster by tapping on the red button. The rest of the monster ability cards can be unlocked in the shopping cart.