Global Repair Compost Manager – Global Repair Ltd

Global Repair now offers an innovative complete compost management batch tracking system from start to finish. Global Repair Compost Manager app (ABC manager) includes Compost Recipe Formulation, Procedure Management, Batch Tracking, Compost Microbial Assessment data storage with links to Online Training. The app is specifically designed for clients to calculate compost quantification based on Sittler compost windrow turner capacity and performance and to improve compost production quality.
Having the correct information to create a compost recipe can determine the success of the compost process. Global Repair Compost Manager has created a unique composting database that can help you determine the ingredient combinations required for specific microbial potential presence. The database allows for formula adjustments and calculations based on current scientific composting data.
Establishing procedure and managing the process are proven ways to increase productivity and performance. Monitor composting production using our batch tracking system to record data from beginning to end of the compost cycle. Easy to use comprehensive reporting and data collection are vital for your records, production quality assurance and improvement.
Compost quality may be determined by the microbiology present and the amount of organic matter transformed into humus. The right biology present in your compost will deliver the nutrition needed to grow specific plants. The different types and amounts of organisms will dictate whether plants will or won’t respond positively. A rich, complex diversity of beneficial microorganisms can inhibit weed growth, pests and disease, as well as improve water retention. Providing the right microbiology in compost for optimum plant growth will result in increased health and yields, improved quality and value.