Glance- fashion & beauty captured by real – Glance Fashion


Glance is a simple way to capture a fashion & beauty show&tell video for simultaneous viewing. Show your followers what you’re wearing, and talk about it sharing your “style wisdom”, fashion tricks and trends, and connect with insiders in the fashion and beauty world. Follow your friends to be inspired, discover looks from trendsetters and learn how to quickly recreate new styles. Join the community —whether you love fashion or beauty or everything in between, Glance has the what your looking for!

Use Glance to:

Capture full length videos, and close up ‘selfie’ style videos with a title
Share custom videos with friends, followers, and other users
Export both the full length look video, and close up talk video in the Glance format to share on other platforms
Discover new looks in the fashion & beauty world
Follow other users and leave comments
Feature your videos on the trending section
Search for other users