GINIIS Vehicles – Lubaki Nsele

Giniis vehicles is a new internet of vehicles service product developed by Giniis based on 2G and 4G OBD II. It provides users with remote management, entertainment social service and other car network service.

2G and 4G OBD II were developed based on OBD II standard, equipped with diagnostic equipment, OBD data analysis, GPS location, GPRS communication, fault code reading & diagnosis and intelligent control, vehicle safety detect, fuel consumption statistical analysis, mileage statistical analysis, maintenance reminders, real-time vehicle location, vehicle history playback, driving behavior analysis and alert functions.

The 2G and 4G OBD II are plug-and-play devices that are installed on the automotive standard OBD interface and communicate with the car computer to transfer the acquired data to the backstage via GPRS. The platform system storage, management and analysis data, effective information through the management of the background and mobile phone software to show it.
Insurance, vehicle fleet and other industries companies analysis and manage the vehicle owners vehicle’s information through the management of the platform, from which to tap the business opportunities and access to effective statistical statements, provide satisfaction survey, maintenance reminders, rescue and other services; vehicle owners can check the status of the vehicle, abnormal and error code, platform pushes message to the APP to remind the owner vehicle status, failed parts and gives maintenance recommendations.
Main functions
l Real-time tracking
l History playback
l Mileage report and analysis
l Fuel consumption report and analysis
l Driving behavior report and analysis
l Vehicle detect