Ghost Call YellowMoon – Catalin Radu Dutulescu


Ghost Call YellowMoon is now available on iOS too!
Millions of people have enjoyed it and played pranks, it is a great tool to use when you want to scare your friends and have fun!

Note: This App is for entertainment and it’s meant to be used to have fun together with your friends!

How to use

It has a diverse list of features, the main ones are contacts that can be called which cost in-app currency ( credit ), also receive calls for free, voicemails, horror theme based mini games. You can see how you can generate the currency by tapping on the credit in the top right corner. It is easy to use and is totally free, the full version of this is Ghost Call RedMoon, with unlimited currency and ads-free.

Hope you have fun!
Thank you for checking out Ghost Call YellowMoon!