Funofee – FUNOFEE AG

Funofee is an Open innovation connectivity Platform for hobbyists and everyone, who would like something new in their life, like to learn a hobby, become familiar with something new or want to earn money for their hobby experience.

How it works

Step 1 – Choose your language, then register, personalize your profile, select your location and your favor hobbies. All hobbies are divided for 36 categories (and 200 sub-categories). You can choose maximum 5 most attractive categories for you. Very important – to choose YOUR ROLE in FunoFee.

If you are ready to share your hobby’s knowledgeand skills, give advice to others, be an Expert.
If you just want to learn new things and have fun, choose the User’s Role.

Step 2 – Then you will find the Library of activities. Select and tap the category, then select specific sub-category, tap “FIND AN EXPET’ button to see people, who enjoy your selected activities and who are ready to share their experience with you. You’ll be able to see all the hits on a map so you can instantly identify experts around you.

Step 3 – Select one, and you can choose you preferred way to contact them. You can chat, simply set up meeting or call them in any time after contact confirmation thru the chat.

If you have some specific questions regarding selected hobby, an Expert can switch on Consultancy bottom in the top of the Chat Screen. There are not any obligations from User’s side regarding Consultancy – the Consultancy bottom is for information only.

Step 4 – If the Consultancy bottom will be switched off by an Expert, the User will be asked to assess the contact with selected Expert. Did User enjoy it? Did it help? Would User recommend this Expert to others? 

The assessment has 2 criteria

Assessment of Quality – personal quality and quality of communication. This assessment should be making in Stars (1 – low quality. 5-high quality)
Assessment of Value. Looks like voluntary paid donate\tip. But only if you are completely satisfied.

Also Users and Experts can manage personal FunoFee news feed, bag favorite hobbies, interests or any local or worldwide hobby’s news.