Fruit & Vegetable Salad Maker – Pravinkumar Parmar


Salad is very healthy keeps you very healthy and strong.Take a look of salad maker with full of salad can make vegetable salad and fruit salad.Salad maker is a motivation for your and your little child to make salad a habit in your daily retinue can also minimize the weight by having a salad.

Select different bowls to make salad and start making salad, you can make salad by choosing lots of vegetables.add your favorite vegetables &Fruits in a bowl, add salt,black pepper and oil in bowl and stir it well

once you done with salad, decorate your serving table, choose different table cloth also add some extra food with salad.

This is most simple and healthy food recipe


*2 different type of salad-Fruits and Vegetables
*Lots of different fruits and vegetables are available
*Be a Salad cooking chef
*Easy and healthy dish.
*Share your creativity with your friends