FriendZone – William Bornkessel

Designed for a more genuine connection.

FriendZone is a new social app that makes group chats and planning easier than ever.

Add up to 69 friends in your zone, your best friends should be in your top 7. All friends added should be friends and family you associate with most. Remember, you have a limit.

Select friends in your zone to quickly start a group zone. Any friend in the group zone can add another friend from their zone. The first “pinned” message will be the first content seen by any new friend added no matter the length of the thread.

See how well your friends really know you! Send a Mystery Message to any friend in your zone and have them guess who sent it. This could be an inside joke or a memory you have with that friend or just something you think they’ll recognize you by. You have 3 guesses or the message is gone forever!

View your friend’s zones and see if you have any mutual friends.

Connect your Instagram to show users who you are.

Create a slideshow and comment on the temporary photos in each group zone.