Frenzy – Fastest Delivery – 志为 刘

Frenzy is a delivery app that can deliver anything within the city. Be it keys, food, raw materials, stationery, medicines – you can always rely on us. We deliver for both individuals and businesses.

Something about us…
We are your personal transporters for all your chores that would require delivery
• We help transport documents
• We can pick up food when you are hungry
• You can seek our help to get essentials

You must pick us because…
• We are on time and we save your time
• Distance – We go to extremes! – Nothing too small, nothing is too far for us
• We have surprise offers every time
• Hassle-free payment options
• Personal attention and focus

You would get…
• Productive, precious time
• To avoid traffic
• Less stress
• “Peace of mind”

Our services are available in multiple cities within India.

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