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Fossil, Inc. - Fossil Q artwork Fossil Q
Fossil, Inc.
Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: October 25, 2015

FOSSIL Q is the companion app for the Fossil line of activity trackers and hybrid smartwatches. This app lets you change your settings, track your daily activity and customize which apps and contacts are worthy of a notification. Download now to get access to your new curious and connected life.

Track daily activity – Keep track of how many steps you take. You can even set a daily goal to stay motivated.

Set a personal goal – Count the number of times you exercise, drink water or build a custom goal of your choice.

Connect with other apps – Send your daily activity data to your favorite health platforms (Jawbone Up, Apple HealthKit, Google Fit and Under Armour Record.)

Fossil LINK – ring your phone, control your music, take a photo, or track a goal from your wrist.
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