FortKnoxster – Mickey Johnnysson


Secure instant messaging, calling, and file-sharing, that is simple, FREE and easy-to-use. FortKnoxster protects your online privacy by encrypting all your communication and data.

You can securely send and receive chat messages, inbox, photos, voice, videos and files of any type.

FortKnoxster uses your Internet connection and has NO FEES, it is FREE to message and call your friends, family and colleagues from anywhere in the world.

FortKnoxster end-to-end encrypted features:
* Chat messaging
* Group chat
* Calling
* Video calling
* Inbox messaging
* File sharing
* Voice & video messaging

Our goal is always to offer you maximum safety & privacy. Secure communications are our speciality.

FortKnoxster privacy features:
* End-to-end encrypted communication & data.
* Blockchain technology for decentralized trust of digital identities
* Decentralized cloud storage
* Self-destructing messages.
* Zero-Knowledge concept – we can never access your messages or data.
* Push notifications let you know when new messages have arrived.
* Integrated with the FortKnoxster web app – extend your security also to your PC/Mac.
* Privacy protected – your encrypted data will never be given to third parties.
* Protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

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