Fooder. – Vone Cloots

You’re in need of a good restaurant for you and your partner and, oh, it’s up to you to pick the place
again. Fantastic! Or… not.
Because trying to find the perfect restaurant feels like it takes forever: reading reviews, checking
pictures on Instagram, … it’s kind of a hassle, right? And then, when you finally get ’round to calling to
make your reservation, it’s already fully-booked. Wonderful, back to square one!
Well, lucky for you my friend, from now on Fooder’s got your back. You tell us when you’d like to show
up and what you’d like to eat – we’ll take care of everything else. It’s really that simple.
So what do you think? Ready for a hassle-free meal? Try Fooder now & bon appétit!
P.S. Its a surprise!