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FlyCar is the one of the first taxi platforms that covers all Buenos Aires area in Argentina. The app is designed to provide an intelligent transportation services. The service is provides a safe and convenient ride, which makes it one of the best taxi services in Buenos Aires.

How it works
The process is very easy and required you to take just a few simple steps:
– open application and choose your destination in Buenos Aires area
– the app will have your location identified, so your taxi driver will know where to pick you up
– you will receive your driver’s photo and information about his vehicle, which gives you a full control over your taxi ride
– once the trip end, you will get all the necessary details in a trip summary that is sent to your email address
– you can rate your taxi experience with the driver right after the trip, which helps constantly improve the quality of service provided to you

FlyCar – various payment options
With the FlyCar taxi app you can pay for the machine that is most comfortable for you. You can pay in cash, with debit or credit card, and even in installments! thanks to our partnership with Mercado Pago. 

FlyCar cares about your safety. 
The App informs you the name of the assigned Driver, and taxi information for your greater tranquility. In addition, the Platform guarantees that the vehicle insurance is up to date in accordance with the industry standards of Argentina, and the VTV is in force to operate. 

FlyCar – other benefits and features
– fast – you will always have the nearest vehicle to transport you due to the smart taxi algorithm that assigns cars.
– secure – the drivers are selected and trained thoroughly. With the help of rating system, this helps us ensure to provide best possible taxi service in Argentina
– tracked – following high technology standards allows to provide an app that can check on map the distance from your driver, your movements to the destination point and many more. 

With all that in mind, the application provides a truly unique service allowing you to enjoy the rides in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Contact us
We are always glad to hear from you. Got any question? Feel free to contact us anytime. Our representative will get in touch with you:
tel.: 54 91157429702