Flight Naval Gunship Warfare : 3D Combat Operation – Muhammad Zubair


Let’s play free game with new concept of helicopter’s fighting war name as “Flight Naval Gunship Warfare : 3D Combat Operation”. The latest top advanced fighter are taking part in modern combat 3rd war shooting with guns , missile and warhead transporter fighter are in actions. Gunship’s helicopter with combat fighter is flying for latest challenging war. new Gunship Helicopters are equipped with ammo like bullets, missiles for attacks which are in action and fighting for you to attack your country. Gunner troop’s missiles are fired to hit on the way but you should do counter attack to save your helicopter and commando.The military gunship helicopter war planes raid the island places. Protect your country with the heavy machines and making every place is a war zone to secure from terrorist. Your player just wanted to save his own empire and his throne, not thinking about the common people.
You are navy soldier and your purpose is to hit enemies, tanks, their stations and tanks to shoot down and finish terrorized to save your nation. Sound effects and detailed Control are realistic helicopter with easy to play and fully-equipped and is available for addictive players of fighting game. you can choose your favorite gunship helicopter and ammo your weapons.Play this game on every apple mobile devices.
It’s a call of modern warfare and it’s a monster extreme attack. The battleships of terrorists and enemies are on the islands and more troops are on their way. You are alone in this war zone since your rulers have become a diamond digger and it’s not a secret anymore to anyone, protecting your folks and countrymen from the brutal army strike, attacking everyone.
In the game, there are gunships in enemy hilly island area, with cruise missile, guided missiles and many more. Multiple challenging levels for you. The fire of ignorance is going to affect all and could damage your helicopter. In this clash of power everyone seems hopeless and miserable and then soldier in gunship is sent their to secure all of the hopeless people.