FleetFACTZ – Fleetilla LLC


Continue tracking from around the world with the free FleetFACTZ mobile app. The application from Fleetilla, LLC offers the basic functionality in a user-friendly mobile interface.

Unit List Management – Get all the necessary information on movement and ignition state, data actuality and unit location in real time.

Map Mode – Access units, geofences, tracks, and event markers on the map with the option to detect your own location.

Tracking Mode- Monitor precise location and parameters received from a particular unit.

Events Control – Use extended information on trips, parkings, fuel fillings/thefts and sensor values to learn the chronology, duration, and the exact number of events in the “Timeline”.

Notifications Management – Receive and view notifications in the app.

Locator Function – Create links and share unit locations.

Commands – Send core commands from “Units” and “Tracking” tabs.

Suitability for smartphones and tablets.