Fjellsti Lite – Brian Berntsen


Fjellsti uses the most detailed maps of Norway. The maps are provided by Kartverket (Norwegian Mapping Authorities).
You can use the maps online or offline free of charge. (Free from ads and in-app purchases)

– Detailed maps of Norway both on land and sea.
– Maps of the whole World
– Place search (Norway only)
– Language : English or Norwegian

You can download map areas to use when no mobile coverage. When map is used in offline mode it can reduce the internet charges and reduce battery usage.
It is possible to select an specific area and choose the zoom level you would like to download.

* Kartverket has a limit of 10.000 map tiles each day for a specific ip address. If you use the same ip address as others they may use of the same 10.000 limit quota.
We have use the same limit for World maps, but we may change it in the future. You can read more in user manual at

* This app should not be used for navigation with car and boat. Then you should use certificated apps only.