Fix It! Peculiar – City of Peculiar, MO


Fix It! Peculiar allows you to easily report issues you see. With the power of the Fix It! Peculiar mobile app in the palm of your hand, you’ll be able to easily and quickly submit requests for assistance with city issues, such as potholes, overgrown lots, damaged or missing street signs, cracked sidewalks, and non-working streetlights, to name a few.

You simply drop a marker on the map where you noticed a concern, answer a few questions to help us understand what needs to be fixed, and include a photo when possible. You can even comment on issues others have submitted. We will notify our crews, have the issue fixed as quickly as possible and let you know as soon as we have it.
The Fix It! Peculiar app is your connection to your local government. Using this app, you can report a concern and receive status updates and their resolution information. The app’s intuitive interface puts the power in your hands to explore and become an active participant in your local government.