Fitness&YogaNow – Group NOW kft.

Are you a fitness or yoga instructor? The Fitness&YogaNow app makes you able to open your own online gym or yoga studio and live stream your classes anytime and anywhere in HD quality.

The Fitness&YogaNow app helps you to manage easiliy your business, your schedule, to see who’s signed up for your classes on-the-go directly from any iPhone or iPad. You can increase your clients engagement with shareable links that promote your live stream classes through your social networks.

With your Fitness&YogaNow username and password, you can use the app to:
– live stream your yoga or fitness class
– chat with your guests during the live stream class
– get paperless confirmation about your guests’ booking
– always keep track your income class by class
– make changes whenever, wherever
– 24/7 customer service

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