Firefighters Rescue Adventures – Rolling Panda

Get a real experience of firefighter’s life with various challenging missions around town. So it’s time to put on your fire suit, jump into your firefighting truck and rescue people from fire and flood.

Select your favorite character, fight the fire and rescue innocent lives and save them from dangerous fire. With this game you will learn how tough is a firefighter’s life and will be introduced to the procedures of saving people from fire using different tools.

Do as many as rescue operations and earn a badge for your brave missions. From small building to large buildings, from town to forest, from fire truck to helicopters, there are lot of to play.

Different Challenging Rescue Missions
Forest Fire Rescue Mission
Fire Building Rescue Mission
Cat Saving Mission
Clean the road by cutting huge trees
Rescue people from flood
Drive Firefighting truck
Fly helicopter
Drive hovercraft

Learn to identify the firefighting tools
Lear to aim with water jet

Beautiful graphics
Pleasing animations
Choose your favorite character
Handle multiple dangerous situations like fire and flood
Easy control
Great experience of saving people
Experience how firemen handle real-life incidents

So fireman, your city needs you. Let’s head into an awesome firefighting rescue adventures. Play and complete all the fire rescue activities and experience the pride of becoming a firefighter.

Background Score Credit: Morning Light Music