Find Differences alphabet game – watchara boonnoon


Spot the differences between 2 alphabet vehicle pictures.Compare two images, there are 7 differences to find. Search and discover all the differences you can find in two similar pictures.

Each time you spot a difference, just tap on the screen. Find The Difference is a great way to exercise your brain and improve your observation skills!

How to play
This puzzle game is known as “Find Differences alphabet game”, “difference game”, or “Spot the difference”. You find 7 differences and time 30 seconds.if you found correct you It gets 3 stars.But you don’t found ,please play again.

The main focus is to find the seven differences between two pictures.
– It’s an exercise brain to improve your attention skills while enjoy your free time.

– Everyone can play this game, from toddlers to elderly, alone or with friends and family
– High quality pictures with variety of themes alphabet vehicle ,A is for Airplane ,B is for Bicycle,C is for Concrete mixer and Other.
– Precise controls and responsive touch
– It’s an exercise to improve the attention and increase IQ and hand-eye-mind coordination.