Find Bucky – Richard Wollack

Find Bucky is an app to help you find Buckys and track your progress while they’re out on parade in Madison, WI through the summer of 2018.

You can opt in to receive push notifications when you’re close to Buckys, and control the distance for when you’ll be notified.

Track your status by automatically checking off Buckys from your list if you have location services enabled. If you prefer to opt out, that’s ok too. You can manually check Buckys off your list as you find them scattered throughout Madison and Dane County. Your pins will turn green after visiting Buckys so you don’t have to guess which places you’ve already been. Plus, no more 2 finger scrolling through a web browser!

Get basic directions in the app to help you navigate to your next spot. And show your love for Bucky by liking your favorite statues as you discover more.

This app is developed free of charge after hours by a local UW Madison alum – now iOS developer living in Madison, WI. Your feedback and support is welcome, and hopefully you will find some use in this app as you discover Buckys throughout the season.

Happy Buckying!