Fedgroup – FedGroup

Fedgroup’s innovative Impact Farming allows ANYONE to own a stake in groundbreaking farming ventures without the usual barriers to entry that exist in this space. We’ve made it easier, faster and more lucrative to back a venture by letting you own the assets that generate your income.


Explore and select a venture from our in-app marketplace, easily configure your order and pay with EFT or debit. Take ownership in minutes, not months. Skip the red tape and paperwork.


We do all the heavy lifting while you track the progress of our ventures live through the app. We install your assets on our approved farms, along with those of your fellow Impact Farmers, and then we let pro farmers take care of the rest.


Your assets produce a regular income for you. Once your assets produce a yield, we sell it to our contracted customers, collect the money, and pay you an income. Use the app to reinvest our profits or cash out in minutes.

Download Impact Farming today and start making money doing something big.