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Finally! Here is an app where you can store everything that you consider is your favourite – all in one place!! It’s called Faves.

Faves is the app for all of your favourite things, with an easy to use search function that lets you find what you’re looking for – in seconds!! Whether it’s your fave cafe, your fave meal….or your fave meal at your fave restaurant! It could be your fave pair shoes or your fave shoe shop – save it in Faves!

You can use Faves to save anything that you want to remember:
– a list of any new movies you want to see
– any new TV shows that you want to watch
– the name of the band you plan to catch when you’re next in town.

You might be on the hunt for a new piece of clothing and you want to keep a record of all the places you’ve been shopping at where you might want to go back. Better still you can even take a photo of the outfit at the shop and add it to the fave!!

Or if you are going on holidays and you need an app to store the long list of favourite places and websites – save it in Faves!

In Faves you can setup your own categories, create your own #tags and the app will be unique to you. Add a new fave and add a photo or save it with a link to the website….or do both! Faves is the app where you can store all of your fave things.