Fast and Freaking Math Premium – Ali Baki Koyuncu


Fast and Freaking Math is the best free and cool math puzzle game ever! Let you challenge with time while answering simple math questions and also lets your kids learn math and improve their skills in a very easy, fun and amazing way while playing the greatest brain challenging math kids game.
This addictive math puzzle game is designed for everybody, can be played by adults and also kids going to kindergarten , you can also play it to test your math skills and see if you will be able to find the correct answer within 3 seconds! You will not have extra time to think, so you should be fast and tell if the equation is correct or not. This game will help your kids a lot to improve their math skills, but think about helping them in the beginning of the game, but after some time you will see that they are playing and answering the math questions without mistakes.

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Game does not contain any advertisements.

Application designed and created by ABK
Graphic design of images by Klaudia Kwater e-mail: