FASMobile – Floral Accounting Systems

FAS Mobile consists of an app for your smartphone, along with companion software that resides on your FAS server, allowing you to manage floral deliveries on your smartphone. Delivery drivers are able to download their deliveries into their phones before leaving the shop, map their deliveries, generate routes to their deliveries, get real-time navigation assistance when making deliveries, contact order recipients, mark orders delivered, generate delivery confirmation emails to your customers, and monitor shop activity using FAS’s Business Status feature. FAS Mobile also now includes a scalable display, allowing users with even the largest of smartphones to take advantage of the full screen size when using FAS Mobile.

Primary new FAS Mobile features

Full integration of Google Maps—earlier versions of FAS Mobile allowed you to produce basic maps for deliveries, but FAS’s new FAS Mobile fully incorporates all features of Google Maps, including the ability to generate and display routing information for one or for all deliveries.

Display Business Status—FAS Mobile now allows you to view data accumulated by FAS’s Business Status feature, including quantities of unfilled orders, pickup orders, undelivered orders, etc. The Business Status data displayed on the smartphone is updated every five minutes.