The FARADAY EDITION is a cinematic next generation mobile magazine of short stories, interviews and scenes that speak to the spirit of the great adventurers, experimentalists and discoverers within us. Stories clipped, for the Modern Technologist Adventurer. For today and tomorrow. For the electric future, for the discovery of spaces that extend beyond our planet, for the planet green, for the mountains and waters that belongs to nature, for the mind, filled with explorations. Experimentalists, discoverers, bold adventurers and bold for their times, this is the core of who they were and still are in our minds.

Please close the app after use, since we do not update with stories as frequently as you are used to. If there are new stories, you will only see the new updates on reopening the app and swiping through the edit list.

Each Issue can be from one super short filmed piece to over a dozen short pieces. Swipe up or down to watch more action, raw snippets, interviews, scenes and stories.


To watch NEXT or PREVIOUS videos, SWIPE UP or DOWN on the Lower PLAYER AREA of the Interface. To PAUSE, TOUCH the Lower PLAYER AREA of the Interface. TOUCH Lower PLAYER AREA again to CONTINUE PLAYING. To go to another topic, at anytime, SWIPE LEFT or RIGHT on the VIDEO AREA. For the latest content updates, close then reopen the app. If you enable the LOCATION feature for this app, your LOCAL EDITION will load, if not, the latest EDITION will load. This is SUPER SMOOTH technology, condensed to the minimal.