famlink – Famlink, Inc.

Flash with fun, flash with need, flash with famlink!
Have you ever dreamed of having some kind of superpower? Have you ever imagined of flashing to wherever or whenever you want to go? famlink empowers you to flash to any location or anytime in a second just by simply sliding and clicking on the world map. Be ready for the thunder!
-Flash to wherever you want to go
Sliding the map freely to explore the whole world , stop at any location you want, a simple click will take you flash to that location! Discover what is happening in this place, join the event right now!
Want to find and join your favorite party? flash to the spot and discover what party is underway, follow the post and take a step to participate in!
-Flash to whenever you want to find
Feel helpless in getting back to the past? Be depressed in missing something or someone in the old time? Try flash to whenever you want to find! You can flash to a conversion center, find back what you have missed in that anime expo; review the past university event, share the joy with others by flashing; check the moment at the reunion time, flash to miss no more!
-Flash to whoever you want to link
famlink helps to record all people you have met, scroll down to see who have ever shared the same location with you. Message and link the right ones who you have ever bumped into at the ball, take a step to meet in real world!
Join famlink, join to flash, discover and link!