Famlicious – Famlicious


Family messaging and photo sharing app
Famlicious is the premium, free family messaging and timeline sharing app created to help connect families together. Create family profile, connect cousins, grandparents, relatives, message any family member, involve your children with child accounts, post to pic’s and video’s to timeline, and discover what your family is doing.
We created Famlicious to give families your own platform specifically built for your family network. We will be adding more and more unique features to Famlicious to help families engage efficiently and inside a trusted platform. Look out for more!
Famlicious helps bring families closer together by creating a trusted environment for just your family to communicate and share photo’s, stories and events of your life.
Us. More Together.

Get your family sharing again! Create your family, message create a family profile, connect families together, share photos, stories and events via timeline.

Create Family and Full Family Tree
• Create your immediate family profile with family members and family photo.
• Famlicious automatically connects your family to create a full family tree.
• Your family is a trusted, closed network so the content isn’t public- only for your family and extended family.

Stay Up-to-date with Timelines
• Upload and share photos and videos of your family’s life and events.
• Explore related families timelines to easily see what everyone is up too.
• Chronicle everyday life: birthdays, vacations, 1st day of school or just making pancakes.
• Full resolution photo’s and video’s are stored. Share life’s best moments.
• Timelines and Messages are all stored indefinitely off your phone so you can go back 1, 2, 10 years to see what your family was doing.

Message anyone in family
• Message directly to anyone or everyone in family. Send out family update, message someone directly for his/her birthday. As a parent, use child accounts (under 13) to include your kids.
• Use post-dating to send a message in the future. Say good night to your son while you are dinner. Never miss sending birthday wishes.
• Keep messages indefinitely and replace basic txt’g.

Famlicious brings families closer together by creating a trusted environment for just your family to communicate and share the moments of your life.