Fairytastic 3D Coloring – Smart Grou, OOO

Fairy-teens are present-day fairies – the tiny, magical offspring of once-powerful sorceresses and magicians. They live among us humans doing their best to be inconspicuous and invisible, but still doing their best to help us. Each of them has their own unique talent.

As the humans grow up, so do the fairies, becoming muses to the children, and supporting their aspirations to beauty.

Here they are: Fanty, Esthy, Letty, Dreammy and Tertia!

First, meet Fanty, the fairy of games, communication and friendship – your invisible assistant who is full of fun and laughter, and is always ready to play! She can speak to any creature, animal or object, strives to help everyone and her pockets are always full of candies that she loves to share!

Now meet Esthy, the fairy of beauty. She will be your main invisible assistant and muse throughout the game! She sees true beauty in everything and brings it to the world. Esthy can change the appearance of objects with the help of her magic powder.

And here’s Letty, the fairy of knowledge; she’s full of useful information. Letty will surely be able to help you with any difficult problem. She’s got a really high IQ, an analytical mind and a photographic memory. She’s just like a living encyclopedia!

Now meet Dreammy, the fairy of dreams and moods. She’ll help you to feel good while you play the game! She interacts with people’s dreams and fantasies, loves all the old tales and legends and is inclined to search for the transcendent. Her main hobby is to capture and project dreams.

And finally meet Tertia, fairy of the moment!
She’s the crown princess and a very strong magician. Tertia manages harmony and time, and follows the order of things while supporting a healthy lifestyle.

What better way to get to know these new tiny characters than by coloring them in, in every minor detail? Come on, time to color the fairies and play with them! Download the app for free now and join in all the fun!

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