Factura360 – Daniel Zurita Bayata


Thank you for using our application for the generation of Digital Payments Invoices in Mexico.

The current version allows you to take advantage of your smartphone’s camera and QR codes of PDF representation of your invoices to quickly and easily extract the information from your invoice and create the CFDI of payments that is required as of 2018 .

Generating a payment CFDI will only take seconds.

The app connects with the web service invoicing of FACTURA 360 where you can manage and manage all your different types of CFDI invoices.
But within your APP you can also see your CFDI of payments issued and in case you require it, cancel them.

You can also sign up as a user in our CFDI system and upload your .cer and .key files of your digital seal certificate.
Our APP is the ideal complement for a user or accountant that requires an issuance of CFDI payments.