eyeSpace – Compare Media Inc.


A new way to share, eyeSpace allows you to post groups of photos and let your friends choose their favorite in each group.

More and more, people are becoming overwhelmed with photos, making it tough to choose which photos to keep and remember. However, with eyeSpace, you can discover your most meaningful moments with the help of your friends, the people you want to share and remember these moments with. This way, you can post lots of photos and still have an easy way to revisit the most meaningful ones.

Use eyeSpace to:

* Share groups of photos with your friends and let them choose their favorite in each group
* Tell your friends which of their photos are your favorites
* Revisit your most meaningful photos in your profile’s photo grid
* Have fun choosing your friends’ next profile pic. In eyeSpace, your profile pic will be your
friends’ favorite photo from the last post that you made