Eton Smart – Eton Corporation

The Eton Smart Home app interfaces with the Blackout Buddy Connect Family of products. These products include critical features such as Emergency LED flashlights, Multi-Color Nightlights, Motion Sensors and USB chargers to kickstart your Connected Home system.

1. The integrated motion sensors can be used to automate your home and other connected devices to set scenes. They can also double as a remote sensing devices to let you know when someone is in your home when they shouldn’t be or even make sure you are aware that there hasn’t been motion in your home when their should have been so you can call and check on grandma.
2. The integrated Nightlights will blend in perfectly with your decor and your path at night. Lighting your path to the restroom at night and helping to prevent you from tripping on unseen objects in the dark.
3. When positioned next to your nightstand, some of the products feature dual integrated USB charging ports that can simultaneously charge two smartphones.
4. When the power goes out the automatic, emergency LED flashlight will turn on and provide you with an always-ready flashlight. Giving you light and peace of mind until the power comes back on.

Stay Connected and Protected with the Eton Smart Home app and the Connected Family of products for your smart home from Eton.