Eskelund: Victory Arena – ORKUN Firat BALKANCi

Eskelund – The Place of Ash Wood

Eskelund was originally the seat for a vicious and terrifying warlord, Sigehelm Hakisson. For decades the warlord ruled the northern lands through fear and violence. He created a massive complex of tombs underneath his palace to house his many dead commanders and captains. In time the entire northern lands were conquered and the warlord died in his sleep.

Since then Eskelund has been a quiet and peaceful noble stronghold for its people. The peaceful tranquility of Eskelund was shattered when the Jarl leader, Trandil Cloudborn, died. His death during a hunting accident was sudden and tragic. The Jarl’s wife had died many years before and with no heir to claim the Jarl’s throne the country was thrust into chaos. Per tradition the Jarl’s head Adel (Noble) is to take leadership of the land while another Jarl is chosen.

Eyvald Stormson is the Adel who is now in charge of deciding the country’s future leadership. Eyvald Stormson is an intelligent and cunning strategist. Though he was not born in Eskelund he was able to rise to power rapidly. He has decreed that in the absence of a legitimate heir to the throne the next Jarl will be chosen by hosting an Arena.

In the Arena the greatest champions of the land will fight for the right to be the next Jarl. There Arena will be an event featuring contests of arms and strength that anyone born in Eskelund, or its surrounding lands, can participate in. Arena combatants will be armed, housed, and fed by the citizens of Eskelund. Injuries, or even death, is a real danger within the Arena and even expected by many of the travelers that have arrived to watch. The Arena will last for the 10 day grieving period of the Jarl’s death and at its finish Eyvald Stormson will crown the popular victor as the new Jarl.

The Stormson’s Decree –

“To All Citizens of Eskelund and the Lands Beyond the Mountain Whom These Letters Shall Hear or See, Greetings.

Let it be known the tragic tidings of Jarl Trandil Cloudborn and the manner of his death. Having gathered a hunting party of able men the Jarl was gored by a wild boar within the Silent Forest on the past Thor’s Day in the month of Saint’s March. Jarl Cloudborn’s death song will be sung upon the highest reaches of Evertop for 10 days of grieving.

The Jarl has left behind no heir to the throne and therefore a new Jarl must be chosen from among the worthy born of Eskelund and it’s land.

I, Eyvald Stormson, hereby decree by the power of office of Jarl’s Adel the method of crowning the next Jarl. A grand Arena shall be held in the Jarl’s seat of Eskelund in the shadow of the great Evertop.

In this Arena shall the willing and able citizens of the nation appear and do righteous battle to arise as the victor. All people of Eskelund are hereby commanded to give bread, wine, and beds to the Arena’s hopeful.

For a period of 10 days shall feasts be held and the Arena’s events take place. At the end shall the popular victor be chosen by Eyvald Stormson to be crowned as Jarl.
Know now the will of the Jarl’s Adel and spread the word of this decree!”

– signed Adel Eyvald Stormson (with the Jarl’s seal)

This game features:

– An exploration of an epic landscape
– Mighty weapons and shields
– Building a barbarian character
– An opportunity to save a town from invasion
– A tremendous fortress
– Fearful chieftains (dead and living)
– Discovery of an abandoned mine
– A chance to join arena competition (against other players)