ERVE Pro – Fatih GUR

ERVE Pro is a professional exercise application developed by academicians and trainers working in the field of sports and health sciences.

ERVE Pro designs individual exercise programs specific to one’s characteristics and goals. It offers you many different exercise options that you can do both at home and outside.

After each training session, it records important information such as calories, training load, distance and duration and displays it on your analysis page.

ERVE Pro doesn’t just give you exercise. At the same time, it aims to increase your knowledge about exercise and maintain your motivation through exercise training videos.

Important warning

The first thing to do before starting any exercise program is to evaluate yourself for the health risk of the person. First of all, the developers of ERVE Pro care about your health. Before using this app, contact a qualified healthcare provider and check if you have any health risks in terms of exercising regularly.

Risk factors for various cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic diseases and other health conditions that require special attention (eg pregnancy, orthopedic limitations) should be investigated before the exercise program is implemented.

The copyright of this application belongs to its developer. It is not available for use for other purposes without permission from the developer.

Developer Team
Dr. Fatih Gür / Pamukkale University / Faculty of Sport Sciences
Dr. Ganime Can Gür / Pamukkale University / Faculty of Health Sciences
Prof. Dr. Vedat Ayan / Trabzon University / Faculty of Sport Sciences